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14. Oct 2015

University life as a student of GIS

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Germany is a European and developed country where college students get many opportunities and facilities to learn their interested subject. University life differs based on the college where you attend, the location, the classes’ size and what courses you decide to take. In my case, I was learning remote sensing, GIS in every day life. The university schedule is varied than the traditional high school schedule. Actually, there was more flexibility with my classes and I was happy to learn GIS during various lectures. In college, you’ll probably need to take a class, but you could have many choices, which would be offered on different days, at different times, and for different durations. In the college life, you can take own any decision need not help for junior or senior. In my case, I had good choice of selecting courses. I was always declined to learn in the field of GIS.

Similarly, the college schedule is that normally you have more opportunities to explore your interests and passions. I have possibility get involved for GIS as extra curricular activities too. Like, you will be picking a major that will decide the types of classes you will specialize in. Only you think about your schedule as a pyramid. Your first year and inexperienced year students, you’ll take more general education classes and a few classes in your major. But during your junior and senior level year, you’ll take fewer general education classes and more classes in your major.

College is like high school in that you will have many opportunities to get involved by joining different teams or clubs, organizations, and maybe even by getting chance a part-time job. I had freedom to join for extra activities. I was more in the way to join GIS and remote sensing research cluster at university rather than jumping in the club. You can easily make your schedule get crazy with friends meetings, sport practice, band practice, play rehearsal, work hours, trekking, tours etc. There is freedom in college students but every college students should not forget their responsibility, college rule regulation and limitation of students. Although I am not from geography background, I love to study remote sensing, GIS and other subjects in this field.

1. Jun 2013

Good Experience – sciencemeetscompanies 2012

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I visited the fair sciencemeetscompanies, Halle on 28.05.2013. The career fair for students and graduates was nice experience for me. 

Several renowned companies from various sectors was presenting on the science meets companies exhibition with their company details and possible jobs offers.

Compared to South Asian countries, where its nearly mean “campus placement”, this frequent fair broaden access of companies information to the students.  

28. May 2013

Financial Aid Tips

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If you lack a guide from a guidance instructor or a mature person who is enrolling in the educational institute, it might be troublesome to locate the initial phase. With a little knowledge and details to the fundamentals, you’ll be making efficient use of most of the obscure aid acronyms with simplicity.

Your beginning needs to be the Free Scholarships Application for Student Help or as you’ve possibly listened to in the past, the FAFSA. That action will establish your next step, as when your aid application request is determined or checked you’ll be informed precisely about the free aid you’re getting from federal programs and grants aid, the amount of you can borrow with federal financing, and about your package you may have to support through personal lending firms. The procedure is similar for graduate students, though you have not qualified for all the courses offered to undergraduates, including Federal Pell Grants.

As soon as you have finished that, you start examining your options, and trying to find means to cut your university expenses. Scholarships are a great resource of financial aid, and if you use early and frequently sufficient, you’ll have a better possibility of landing an excellent amount of free aid to support your financial deal. You discover even more details and pointers on navigating the financial aid procedure, consisting of posts on the most recent information from the ever-changing financial aid sector.

27. May 2013

Ways To Get Grants

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At today time, funding is granted less and have reduced grant programs. Today, more than ever, we need all the help we can get inside composing effective grant propositions. We wish you locate these guidelines practical in reaching your study targets.

Rule 1: New Ideas, however Not Too Novel

Excellent science starts with fresh tips. The grant writing ought to be an enjoyment for it enables you to articulate those ideas to peers who need to review your grants but not always your documents. Feeling enthusiastic regarding what you are writing– if you are not enthusiastic regarding the work, it is unlike a good grant and is extremely unlikely to be granted the grant. On the other hand, science that is too risky will not be supported either, especially when funds are tight– true yet unfortunate.

Rule  2: Consist the Background and Data

You have to persuade that the work you recommend needs to be done and that you are the best individual for it. Grants needs distinct quantities of initial data. Provide some tantalizing initial result, making sure to inform the customers what these results signify with respect to the certain objectives of your proposition. In creating the inspiration for your proposal, make sure to mention all relevant work. Lastly, convince that you have the technological and scientific background to do the job as proposed.

Rule  3: Locate the Appropriate Financing Mechanism, Read the Related Offers for Grants Properly, and Respond Especially to the Request

Many grants offering organizations acquire particular staff to help locating granting possibilities, and the majority of financing companies have parts of their Web sites designed to assist private investigators find the proper programs. Keep in mind, programs wish to hand out money– the jobs of the program’s team depend on it. The program personnel could help you identify the very best opportunities. If your grant does not fit a specific program, conserve your time and energy, and apply in other places, where there is a better programmatic fit.

Rule  4: Go through the Standards for Submitting Properly

Numerous grant providers will triage grants that do not comply with the tips. It saves time and cash. Even if it goes to assess, a wrongly developed application might aggravate the customers, and will have an unfavorable influence maybe if the science is sound.

Rule 5: Follow the Three Cs “Concise, Clear, and Complete”

The grant does not have to pack the allotted page matter. Specify the scope up-front and make certain it is reasonable with respect to the funds requested. A typical temptation for inexperienced grant authors is to suggest doing too much.

Rule 6: Keep in mind, Viewers Are People

Evaluators have a sizable variety of grants to evaluate in a short period. Unlike a paper, a grant offers more opportunity to apply literary capabilities. Historic standpoints, human passion, and humor could all be utilized judiciously in grants to excellent effect.

Rule  7: Timing and Internal Review

Provide yourself the proper lead time. Most of us have various approaches to target dates. Essentially, you need to complete a draft, leave sufficient time to get responses from colleagues, and then check out the grant again on your own with a fresh eye. Having a range of medical coworkers that are similar to the likely reviewer pool review your grant is very useful.

Rule 8: Be a Grant Evaluator

Being on testimonial panels will assist you compose better grants. Understanding why grants get triaged before complete review, how a panel responds to a grant, what the discretionary task of program officers is, and exactly what the task of oversight councils is provide significant lessons for composing successful grants of your very own and for offering others guidance about this procedure.

Rule  9: Accept Being rejected and Cope with It

Denial is unavoidable, maybe for really good grants when funding levels are low. When resubmission is needed, make it really clear to the customer that you know what was incorrect the initial time. If the grant was close to being moneyed the first time around, advise the evaluators of that reality by consisting of the previous score if proper, and make it crystal clear why this variation is much enhanced.

25. May 2013

Scholarships For Nepalese Students

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Universities have actually been offering numerous scholarships and grants opportunities to admirable and deserving pupils to motivate and search for top quality education. A number of scholarships grant and Support Schemes have actually assisted to sustain higher scholastic specification. Getting helps from all areas of community is the fundamental principle involved in financing the advancement and operating costs of the university, rules- to urge all fields to assist to this cause to be taken advantage of for financially weak but praiseworthy candidates.

This cause aims for the admirable and deserving Nepalese students efficiently accepted in programs. Each fee-paying pupils, candidates will be admitted on complete or partial scholarship. Under this category, an instructional loan will be supplied to the deserving pupils enabling them to satisfy. This instructional loan depends on offered fund in each program. It is called for that the candidates must authorize an agreement with the University for its Reimbursement. The variety of this scholarships offer provided in this plan hinges on the offered instructional financing fund which then hinges on the return/payment of the loan received by pupils in earlier years.

Based on the study of 26 universities living prices for pupils is the 3rd most important aspect to inspect. College lodging is an inexpensive alternative to learn and you are assured a secure, pleasant spot to be in which provides good value for cash. When you first show up and are brand-new to the university, it is additionally a great method to meet people.

We provide a variety of quality student accommodation. Many of our pupil holiday accommodation join the leafy suburban areas on the west side of the City in the Pupil Towns or in the heart of the city. University accommodation is assured for the duration of the training course for all undergraduate and postgraduate students pertaining for a full academic year from overseas.

23. May 2013

Clean water for all

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Clear water is a basic right of a human being. Clear water means without contamination of any water borne disease. It shows the importance of clean water. At the present condition of the world, only two percent clean water is available in this planet. 1.6 Million People, mostly children, die every year from disease related to unsafe water or contaminated water and poor condition of sanitation.

Every people know clean water is very significant for our health, but they have no idea and option for clean water. Because many people are living in that place where they have to go 4 to 5 hours to reach in water source to get one bucket of water which water is not totally clean or safe. Because the water resource is open and people use that directly without refine or purifying. Most of the research shows 60% disease is developed through unsafe and contaminated drinking water like skin problem, throat problem, urine problem, and other so on. These kinds of diseases shifted from one person to other person and one place to another place through water or air.

If we can use safe or clean water in our day to day life our life and living style will change automatically. There is no any debate condition of lifestyle as well as economic condition also will be developed. How? Nowadays, many people are wasting more and more time to bring unsafe or unclear water, but if they are approached, reached in safe drinking water; they used their more and more time for economic development. Then their economic condition, health condition, as well as other social conditions will be developed.

The problematic condition of clean water is increasing day to day in the world not only in Nepal. It means most of the people have a compulsion to drink unsafe and unclear water due to the problem of unsafe drinking water source and weak management policy as well as awareness in safe drinking water.    


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