All about the website

Hello, hi and very much welcome everyone

If you haven’t noticed what the website is about, yet I would like to give you a little intro.

Already, when I was very young I always knew I would go on a world tour when I finished high school. I dreamed of all the places I would go to, the people I would meet, the food I eat, the smells I found let go trough my nose, the locals I connect with, the markets I scroll trough and leaving a bit of my heart in each place. After I finished high school in 2015 and saving a lot of money I finally started my tour. First place to go to was Thailand. I carried on trough several other countries. In total I visited 8 countries and three continents. On this website I would like to reminisce in my time off road. I would like to take you a long and might as well inspire you to go to one of those places. I decided to keep this website bilingual as my travels have been like it. I manly spoke english. That’s why I very much LOVE LOVE LOVE to write in that language now. But I obviously also met a lot of germans (pretty please they are everywhere haha). So my travels where defined by a lot of language switching. There where a few moments I got very confused. As this has been such a big part of my travels I would like to bring it into that website and theme of it.

So here we are with my travel website. I will show you some pictures and write you a little bit about some of the places I have been to.

I am happy to have you here. Pease follow me along on my journey.  

All about me

Hey, it’s me

Some fun facts about myself

My name is Maxime and I am a 21 year old girl. Currently living in Halle and born in Hamburg. I am studying at the Martin- Luther university of Halle, Saale. You haven’t heard of that place, yet? You should definitely give it a visit. Very much quick! It is a lovely little town in the east of germany. To be honest I didn’t really like it at the start. But I blame the winter on it. I moved to Halle in october last year. Everything was grey and dark. Not the best time to explore a new town, right? Especially when it has its hidden beauty places. Since the summer started in Halle I fell more and more in love with the city. Wanne know what I love the most? All the cute ice cream shops. There are sooooo many. Most of the ice cream is self made and has less calories then others (what an extra bonus it is). As much as I love Halle my heart hasn’t left my hometown, Hamburg. I guess it is nice to be able to kind of „live“ in two cities, though. But hey I am much more then just a girl in her 20ies.

Watch out people- I am

  1. an ice cream lover
  2. best friend
  3. daugther
  4. sister
  5. tennis player
  6. sport lover in general
  7. student of the subject media and communication
  8. student of politics
  9. hamburg girl
  10. fashion addicted
  11. fun, laugh, and love girl
  12. outgoing
  13. helpful
  14. booknerd
  15. salad lover

Have you found yourself in one of those description? I am sure we are all united in some of our little habits. It’s nice to „meet“ you. Please, read, scroll and dream along with me on my website

Much, much love



My time in Cambodia

„Thank you teacher, bye bye see you tomorrow!“

This is the one quote I will forever connect with Cambodia.

My friend and me went to Cambodia to work in a school. The school was very much far out in a little village where there was nothing. Those people lived a simple life.

As simple as it sounds.

It truly was! They didn’t had much but what they had was happiness. They didn’t care about money or clothing they where so incredible happy to simply have people who teach english to them. The amount of thankfulness they brought towards us was touching. Another great thing was the food. We went to the local market, twice a week. Man I can tell you I now know what celebrities feel like. The locals rarely – never see any people with blond hair and blue eyes. They treated us like super stars. They touched and starred at us as well as gave us all the food for free. We tried to pay for it though as the people already do not have much for themselves. The food we bought and then got cooked from the „mum“ (thats how everyone called her) of the school was amazing. Each evening after teaching we ate until we almost exploded.

Food, sun, kids and a lot of happiness was the recipe to a perfect stay in Cambodia.


Somewhere between spirit and party

My dearest Thailand

Is it love, is it disappointment ?!

One of the things I thought and wondered about the most was Thailand. It has its quite and spiritual Temples. There are so many monks sitting in peace at the street smiling. And then there are so many tourists, parties prostitutes and an amount of people in the streets. It is a conflict in itself. I think that Thailand once was a beautiful and very spiritual country. Now, where there are so many tourist and as it got really popular it has hidden the religious side. It is not that it would not be there anymore. But I believe other things have become a bigger priority. But if you look really close. If you try to get out of the tourist bulk. You find a really soft and warm hearted nation that in general always, always prefers to smile. But it is work to find it. It takes it time and passion to look behind the bars of tourism.

Once found it is never forgotten.

Between party island and peace temples. 

Home is where your heart is

Forever and ever 

One thing I will never get rid of is New zealand. I have done my exchange year here in the age of 15. I stayed for 8 month. It has been and still is an absolute blessing. Not only the time has been amazing but the outcome of it has been even greater. I developed amazing relationships to my host family and friends. Which are still lasting. But I was also able to learn a really good english. I am forever grateful for this opportunity! After I finished I high school I did not only go to new places. I also went back to where my travel addiction started. To New Zealand. I visited my family and friends. I stayed in New Zealand over new years eve and my birthday. It was really lovely to see everyone back again. You can imagine as new zealand is really far away you never really know when you see them again. We enjoyed every second of it. I stayed there for one month just to continue to australia afterwards.

If you haven’t visit New zealand yet but you love nature, warm hearted people and AMAZING chocolate you should go.


The photo you see below is of me and my best friend Freya Clayton. Long distance friendships can be taff. But I was and still am enchanted to have met her. 

Time flies with the people you love

My biggest treasure!

I met Lara in australia and we straight away laughed with each other us if we would have known as for ages. She has been the biggest impact and gift I got from the traveling. We started to plan our tour through Australia together and ended up working in a bar for three month. Then went down to Tasmania all the way up the east cost and to Bali. She is one of a kind and has made my time out and about in the world so much better. She lives in Köln so we still try and visit each other as much as possible. Since both of us are back in germany we already traveled to Amsterdam. More trips are in the planing .. maybe vietnam, india hmmmm who knows what is next.



Places I have been to

I would like to introduce you to all the places I have been on my travels.

Please read and dream along.

  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Bali (Indonesia)
  • Singapore

…And all the way back to Hamburg. I loved every country and second of it. And I believe that every places has its very own atmosphere and personality. Most touching were all the lovely people I met along the way. There hasn’t been a moment when I felt left alone. There has always been someone around. The world and its people on it are truly beautiful. It was an experience beyond anything I could have ever asked for.