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24. Sep 2015

Application of GIS in land use planning – as I am learning

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Hello everyone. Last month, I started to learn GIS. GIS is gaining an increasing importance and widespread acceptance as tools for decision-making in urban and regional planning. It is a liberating force enabling access to large volumes of data and to manipulate such in order to select, update, combine, model and display the information in developing countries.

In spite of the benefits of a geographic information system in land use planning and management, city planning and management departments of cities in many developing countries that have spent large amount of money in gain computer based system impudently or rudely have been allowed with obstacles. Such investment have been heavily unutilized, particularly in situations where there was little or inadequate understanding of the ability of such computer based systems and the data required to operate and manage them. The application of such technologies as GIS has been prohibited by a lack of skilled personnel, inadequate techno-scientific system, and difficulty in transmitting information to end-users and by incomplete international cooperation to increase local research and improve information progress.

The inadequacy or the political unwillingness to modify economic and social environment, has often slows down or hamper the application.


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