Victorian Textures

This project is still very much in the making. Anja Hartl (University of Konstanz) and I are preparing a grant application for an international conference on “Liminal Matters: Textures in Nineteenth-Century Material and Literary Cultures“. Taking our cue from Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s scholarship on Victorian textures, our aim is open up perspectives on matter and materiality beyond binary conceptions of surface versus depth, or substance versus exterior structures.

Becoming Ahuman

Together with Mark Schmitt (TU Dortmund), I have been commissioned to co-edit a special issue on “Becoming Ahuman” for the Journal for the Study of British Cultures (forthcoming in 2023). See our full Call for Papers here.

Victorian Materialisms

Together with Ursula Kluwick (University of Bern), I am currently co-editing a special issue on “Victorian Materialisms” for the European Journal of English Studies. This special issue will be published in 2022. You can read our Call for Papers here.