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16. Nov 2017

How much is “too” much?

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7,123 Billion Arariy are scheduled for the CFM

In a recently published prevision of the 2018 budget, the Ministry of Finances of the Republic of Madagascar has scheduled the amount of 7,123 Billion Arairy (about 2 Million Euro) for 2018. The daily “Express” judged that amount in an article published today, 15 November 2017, as “astronomical” and says that the CFM wants to “spoil” (gâter) the members of its cabinet, with a prevision of 100 Million Ariary (about 30.000,- €) for each of the six vice-presidents.

Critics of state expenses are always welcome and helpful, in particular for the deputies of the National Assembly who will have the task in some days to accept or to refuse the budget. How to judge, then, if the 7 Billion and something are too much, or perhaps not? A look to the table of the previewed money for the 37 state institutions and ministries reveals, though, that the CFM arrives on the fourth position – but from behind (see above link). Only the “State Secretary at the Foreign Ministry” (last position with about 4,203 Billion Ariary), the “State Secretary of the Ministry of Fishing” (4,306 Billion) and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication” (about 6 Billion Ariary) are less considered. Another observation might be added: For another main, but rather small constitutional body, the “High Constitutional Court” (Haute Cour Constitutionelle) about the same amount of money is previsioned, namely 7,295 Billion Ariary.

These figures would show rather a trend towards normalization, and not of an exception donation towards the CFM: The CFM as a still new established constitutional institution, dating back only to 2013, becomes finally accepted, at least as far as it concerns the budgetary previsions. This normalization is understandable as well as a sign that the president of the Republic recognizes the potential of the CFM for national politics and, even more, for international relations.

The distrust recognizable in the article, on the other side, mirrors for sure the real or potential mistrust of population. The necessity of another new institution can, in infact, easily be seen as an “astronomic” waste, if one takes on the perspective of a desperately pauperized population. All efforts must be made from the political and state actors, then, to justify and to explain the urgent need of the CFM, and its mission, if they would not run into a dangerous circle of mistrust and ineffectiveness.

Budget previsions 2018 of the Ministry of Finances:


L’Express de Madagascar, 15.11.2017


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