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11. Dez 2017

A first trial

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The recently elected president of the CFM reconciles a local conflict

The Council of the Fampihavanana Malagasy (CFM) is still about to prepare the ground for the challenges to come. One way to do this is the ongoing formation of the new members of the CFM, an effort to bring them on the same level concerning their knowledge of how to use the possibilities proper the CFM, and of how to react to the demands of the society. Last week, for example, about 10 members participated on a seminary proposed by the American non-governmental organization “Search for Common Ground” (Project Samy Gasy) on “Promoting good governance by elevated reliability. A program for improving the capacities and of the collaboration for promoting a multi-actor communication and of conflict resolution on Madagascar”, on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 (see photo).

While such activities continue, among others, the president of the CFM, Mr. Alphonse Maka, had to pass a first trial in reconciliation of a local conflict. During a recent stay near the town of Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) in the south-east of Madagascar, he was confronted with a conflict between Antandroy and Antanosy people, coming to the “edge of war”, as he said in an interview to me. Antandroy and Antanosy are established names for two main southern tribes or identity groups in the south of Madagascar. An Antanosy man became killed by an Antandroy, an act which only can be atoned for by a sacrifice of about 30 zebu cows, according to traditional custom. As the Antandroy clan affected was not able to provide such many cows, the conflict was about to escalate. Due to the presence of Mr. Alphonse Maka, originating from just this region, a “pact of non-aggression” was finally implemented (see the above article as well).

How did he succeed – and how do Mr. Maka understand the task and challenges of the CFM? These and other questions are touched upon in ongoing interviews, with more information to be given in due time on this blog.

06.12.2017, at the Hotel Pavé, Antananarivo

L’Express, 07.12.2017



Über Peter Friedrich Alfons Kneitz

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