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11. Dez 2017

Update: How to study in Germany?

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Much interest for the information session

Germany offers a highly sophisticated university system for students and academics, welcoming international students from all over the world. On Wednesday, 6th December 2017, the scheduled information event on how to study in Germany took place at the University of Antananarivo, prepared by Peter Kneitz (Mention Histoire, Universität Halle) and Anne Zöppig (Mention Etudes Germaniques, DAAD).

The session attired much interest: About 70 students from many different disciplines and enrolled on different academic levels arrived, ready to know more about existing opportunities. Ms. Anna Zöppig, invited guest speaker from the DAAD – the German Academic Exchange Service, informed at first about main features of the German university system. Later she discussed the different scholarships offered by the DAAD and the conditions necessary to observe. While for undergraduates it is unfortunately up to the students to organize their stay (e.g. via Au Pair or volunteering), the DAAD invites specifically students with a master degree, and from all academic disciplines, to apply for a scholarship. Later, the University of Halle/Saale, linked via the DySoMa project with the University of Antananarivo, was presented as an example of German university by Peter Kneitz, followed by an systemic overview of main possibilities to study in Germany.

The discussion was animated and allowed to precise some of the many information transferred.

Thank you all for coming and good luck for your eventual decision to study in Germany. Many thanks as well to Mr. Roland Rakotovao, director of the department of history and the students for assisting in organizing the event and the technique necessary.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact

Anne Zöppig (DAAD, Mention Études Germaniques):

or Peter Kneitz (Mention Histoire):


Study day, 06.12.2017


Talk of Ms. Anne Zöppig, DAAD


Über Peter Friedrich Alfons Kneitz

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