CASIB – Central Asian Sustainable Innovation Bureau

Project member: Gerd Schmidt Peter Liebelt Dorothee Kley Manfred Frühauf Project duration: 2016-2020

The states of Central Asia form one of the target regions within the scope of the BMBF funding measure “CLIENT II – International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovations”. The Innovation Office Central Asia (INZA), as a regional project office, is responsible for coordinating transfer and networking tasks for the CLIENT II projects in the region. The Innovation Office also serves as a communication and information interface between the funding agency and the project groups operating in the target region. In addition, it has the task of contributing to the stabilization of the results achieved in the projects and the resulting innovations. This is to be achieved by networking the involved project networks with actors from science, industry and politics of the countries of Central Asia. The project office is set up in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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