GEO.00392.06 , GEO.00392.07 , GEO.05974.01 , GEO.00392.05 – B04 Geoökologie

Prof. Dr. Christopher Conrad
Mo.: 12:15 – 13:00 Uhr

Learning goals:

  • Development of basic, theoretical knowledge of physical geography and geoecology
  • Ability for geo-ecological and geosystemic analysis and analysis of geographic and relevant neighbouring disciplines (especially geoscientific) issues
  • Ability to reciprocally relate physical-geographical theory and empiricism
  • Command of physical-geographical terminology in appropriate broadness and differentiation
  • Ability to adequately represent physical-geographical facts


  • Lectures: Characteristics of the geocomponents climate, water, relief and soil (presentation of the global distribution, regional and location characteristics). Interactions between the geocomponents. Individual emphases are:
    • variables and processes of the climate
    • Manifestations and climate classification
    • hydrologic cycle and balance
    • Distribution of water on the earth
    • Processes of shaping the earth surface and their distribution
    • pedogenesis – distribution and classification
    • Interactions of geocomponents, landscape development and landscape management
  • Geoecology:
    • ecosystem model
    • Ecology concept
    • landscape development
    • landscape balance
    • ecological equilibrium
    • Material cycles and energy flows
    • anthropogenic changes in the landscape structure and landscape budget
  • Seminar:
    • Introduction to Physiogeography and Geoecology as an empirical science, deepening and supplementing the content of the basic lectures
  • Field exercise: The material of the lecture will be illustrated and discussed in detail in the context of a terrain exercise on the concrete terrain example
    physical-geographical spatial analysis and landscape assessment
  • Vegetation geography
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