GEO.00400.04 – Geländeübung B12

Prof. Dr. Christopher Conrad
Dr. Detlef Thürkow
ganztägig: 08:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Learning goals:

  • Ability to develop and implement strategies for obtaining primary chemical and physical information as a basis for landscape analysis
  • Knowledge of the evaluation of the density of chemical and physical quantities for the landscape functions
  • Knowledge of error analysis and assessment of the accuracy of primary data
  • Ability to apply methods of interpolation of punctual data into area / space


  • Basic physical and chemical knowledge in physical geography / geoecology
  • Localization of chemical and physical parameters in the energetic and material cycles of the landscape processes
  • Physical and chemical indicator quantities for material and energetic process structures for the analysis of landscape functions
  • Sampling techniques, field instrumentation techniques
  • Conversion of basic chemical and physical quantities into measuring signals
  • Measuring instruments, measuring methods, measurement strategies,
  • independent measurement and presentation of the measurement results
  • subject- and rationale-related procedures: understanding, explanatory, quantitative, qualitative
  • Methodology of research, laboratory methods, discourse analysis
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