GEO.03562 – Datengewinnung und Dateninterpretation (M 03c)

Dr. Michael Zierdt
Die.: 12:15 – 13:45

Learning goals:

  • Knowledge of how to approach, to develop and derive research-related problems
  • Ability to transform geo-ecological and physical-geographic questions into chemical and physical parameters
  • Knowledge of the difference between the generation of the measured variable in the laboratory and the state or process in nature


  • Fundamentals of landscape geochemistry, migration and fixation of substances, elongation and standardization of chemical quantities, images and patterns
  • Fundamentals of physical dimensions and parameters of landscape physics
  • Basic parameters and indicator sizes, active and passive monitoring, sensitive and accumulative indicators
  • Movement of pollutants in the environment, natural and anthropogenic modification of impacts
  • Analysis of measurement programs of concrete scientific projects


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