GEO.04758 – Einführung in Theorie, Konzeption und Praxis der Regionalstudien (IAS)

Prof. Dr. Christopher Conrad,
Dr. Gerd Schmidt,
Dr. Michael Zierdt,
Prof. Dr. Martin Volk
Mi.: 14.15-15.45

Learning goals:

  • Getting to know relevant spatial concepts and theories
  • Deepening of knowledge about the social and natural constitution of spaces, territories, regions and localities
  • Expansion of knowledge about evolutionary processes in a social and natural context
  • Development of structural features in spatiotemporal theoretical approaches
  • Promote the ability to identify, analyze and understand the different levels and factors of mutual influence in the area approach
  • Ability to network thinking and to recognize interdependent causal relationships


  • Historical Development of Area Studies -Examples of current interdisciplinary questions on “Area Studies” -space concepts and space-related theories in the social and natural sciences
  • Cyclic and evolutionary theoretical approaches
  • Basic features and mechanisms of economic, political, social and territorial forms of organization
  • Spatial multilevel models and analysis approaches
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