GEO.05166 – B03 Grundlagen geographischer Arbeitsmethoden (Physisch)

Prof. Dr. Christopher Conrad,
Dr. Gerd Schmidt,
Dr. Michael Zierdt,
Prof. Dr. Martin Volk
Die.: 10:15 – 11:45

Learning goals:

  • Acquisition of subject-specific key qualifications (FSQ)
  • Knowledge of tools for measuring primary data in the field
  • Knowledge of data preparation
  • Knowledge of the presentation of primary data


  • Acquisition of meteorological, hydrological, environmental chemical and pedological data
  • Interpretation of data and extraction of secondary quantities
  • Geolocating data in the map
  • Creation of map designs and description of geographical phenomena
  • scientific-theoretical, disciplinary-systematic and historical fundamentals
  • basic concepts: structure, function, processes, system, spatial concepts, scale levels
  • Obtaining information through the media and in the field
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