GEO.06064.02 , GEO.00404.06 – Seminar Regionale Geographie Mitteleuropas

Dr. Michael Zierdt
Dr. Gerd Schmidt
Do.: 14:15 – 15:45 Uhr

Learning goals:

  • Ability to transfer scientific model ideas to the regional level
  • Qualification for spatial analysis by genesis, structure and function
  • Knowledge of the landscape classification as a result of the interaction of the physical-geographical conditions and their anthropogenic use and overprinting


  • geological and morphological classification of Central Europe, regional characteristics of hydrological, climatological and pedological processes in the region, vegetation geography
  • Characterization and typification of regional economic and social geography, economic and socio-geographical cultural areas of Central Europe
  • Landscape change against the backdrop of changing historical and economic conditions
  • Regional geographic analysis and spatial differentiation of landscapes, integrative consideration of spatial relationships
  • topical and choral consideration of geographic systems
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