GEO.06143.01 – Regionale Geographie Russlands

Dr. Michael Zierdt
Mi.: 12:15 – 13:45 Uhr

Learning goals:

  • Knowledge of the landscape structure of Russia with depiction of its characteristic features as a result of the interaction of climate, water, soil, relief, flora and fauna
  • Current structures, processes and spatial characteristics of settlements, population and economy, taking into account historical and natural conditions
  • Ability to analyze space according to genesis, structure and function


  • regional physical geography – landscape breakdown of Russia,
  • Location-specific interaction of geological structure, climatic and hydrological processes, soil formation and vegetation development
  • Characterization and typification of landscape units
  • regional economic and social geography
  • Overview of the economic and cultural areas of Russia, their genesis and development against the backdrop of changing historical, economic and social conditions
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