MedWater (GROW) – Sustainable use of politically and economically relevant water resources in hydraulically, climatically and ecologically highly dynamic hard-rock aquifers in the Mediterranean region

Project member: Christopher Conrad Project duration: 2017-2020

MedWater’s core objective is the optimal management of scarce groundwater resources in vulnerable hard-rock aquifers subject to the Mediterranean climate. The project will develop management tools for improving efficiency in water use and preserving existing water resources and ecosystem services. MedWater’s main product will be a globally applicable, web-based “real-time data-based decision-support system” (DSS) that provides suggestions for water management. The project’s regional focus is the Mediterranean, and it will conduct case studies in Israel, Palestine, France and Italy. Forecasting models and scenario analyses will be key components of the work. A globally parametrised soil and water assessment tool (SWAT model) will be used to determine water footprints for the import and export of food products, and to show the interaction with global water resources and ecosystem services.


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