The aim of the “International Conference on Variational Analysis and Nonsmooth Optimization” is to bring together prominent experts from different countries to exchange the latest contributions and present the state of the art in the fields of nonlinear and variational analysis, set and vector optimization, control theory and operations research, and nonlinear dynamics. These theories have burgeoned tremendously due to rich applications in economics, management science, engineering, mechanics, and behavioral sciences. Due to these important applications from practice, these topics are vibrant research areas and expanding branches of applied mathematics. The main objective of this conference is to discuss new results, develop further ideas and encourage collaborations of participants to create new knowledge which will be beneficial for practical problems as well as for applications. Novel results developed during the conference will be published in a Special Issue of the international journal Optimization: A Journal of Mathematical Programming and Operations Research.

A colloquium, which will be held prior to the “International Conference on Variational Analysis and Nonsmooth Optimization”, is dedicated to the 70th birthday of Boris Mordukhovich.

Boris Mordukhovich is an American mathematician recognized for his groundbreaking results in the areas of nonlinear analysis, optimization, and control theory. With more than 400 research publications, he has been honored as a highly cited researcher in mathematics. This conference will be devoted to the above mentioned important topics in recognition of Boris Mordukhovich’s exceptional research. We expect the participation of Boris Mordukhovich as well as several of his well-accomplished co-authors and former students.