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20. May 2020

Presentation and Rhetorics (June 23 & July 2, 2020 | online)

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  • Effective introduction for scientific lectures
  • Parameters of nonverbal communication: Effective gestures,
    dominant body language and self-confident appearance
  • The power of the voice: Intonation and speech form
  • Flexible use of rhetorical means and optimization of expression
  • confident handling of disturbances, critical questions and mishaps:
    Strategies and response formulas
  • How to generate attention and create a positive atmosphere
  • Communicate core messages clearly and structure content
  • The Lincoln technique, segmenting the audience and CFA to exit
  • “The salt in the soup”: Mode change for lively presentations
  • Best practice examples from the USA and Great Britain; literature and
    Video recommendations


June 23, 2020

Input sessions by the trainer with individual and group exercises and discussion rounds

July 2, 2020
  • Deepening of the contents and individual presentations of the participants with Power Point (7-10 min each),
  • followed by structured feedback rounds (all participants receive written feedback from all other participants and from the trainer at the end).

Target audience

Doctoral students, PostDocs

Terms and Applications

  • Date: June 23 & July 2, 2020
  • Time: 9am-2pm
  • Group size: maximal 10
  • Workshop language: English
  • Format: online workshop
  • Applications are considered in chronological order of receipt. You get information.


Dr. Michael Gordian –

Registration complete

Please contact koordination(at) in case of questions.

Über Thomas Michael


  1. [InGrA] Presentation and Rhetorics (June 23 + July 2, 2020) – Polymers: random coils and beyond

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