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9. Sep 2020

Open Science Webinars for MLU Postgraduate Students – (Sept-Nov 2020)

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The Open Science Team – ULB at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg is offering this workshop.


Come join us on a journey through the starting points of Open Science (OS). This webinar series is aimed at (but not restricted to) Postdocs and PhD students from different backgrounds and disciplines at the MLU. We want to talk to you about the possibilities and benefits of Open Science, which might help you at this earlier career stage. In seven web sessions, we will introduce you to a variety of OS topics, including an introduction to Open Science, data protection, legal and intellectual property rights, research data management, open educational resources (OER) etc.


We will use the MLU conference system MLUconf for delivering the webinars. You don’t need to register, just join us on the day and participate: 

The webinars will typically last 45 minutes with at least 15 minutes reserved for discussion and for answering questions from participants. The presentation will be available for consultation at a latter point via the Open Science website of the ULB:


23.09.20 at 1pm | Open Science – An introduction

Join us and explore the main OS concepts and learn more about Open Data, Open Access and why these are important for you. Hear directly from a fellow scientist how open science is likely to impact your scientific career. Use this chance to let us know what your requirements and questions on this topic are.

30.09.20 at 1pm | A Primer on Research Data Management

Whether you are an experienced postdoc or a PhD student going through the initial stages of your project, this webinar will help you understand crucial concepts of research data management (RDM) and identify common problems and hurdles in scientific practice. FAIR Data, what are the funders’ RDM requirements, data formats and metadata standards are some of topics that will be discussed. Your views on RDM are very important to us, so join the discussion and let us know more about the stage of RDM in your area of expertise.

07.10.20 at 1pm | Data Protection: Theory and Practice

In this webinar we will address the most important data protection aspects in the context of research and academic projects. In collaboration with colleagues from the legal department of the MLU an overview of the GDPR and other basic legal regulations will be offered. Practical advice on how to anonymize quantitative and qualitative datasets will be offered. Take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have on these matters.

14.10.20 at 2pm | Publish or perish? – An overview of controversies associated with current scientific publishing practices

In this webinar a critical overview of the current scientific publication system will be offered by a practicing scientist. Questionable research practices and other controversies will be discussed as factors which might have led to the so-called reproducibility crisis affecting the current system of scientific publication. Data sharing, the promotion of pre-registration studies and the support of emerging publication formats such as data papers and data descriptors will be discussed as possible approaches to rectify this trend. Join our discussion and let us know your thoughts on this!

28.10.20 at 1pm | Publishers, legal aspects, and internet publishing

Legal aspects such as data ownership, rights management and licensing attribution of your research outputs must be considered when publishing your scientific results. Join this webinar and learn more about these important issues. We’ll be reporting on the state of the DEAL negotiations, the different publication modalities offered by publishing companies, what is predatory publishing, and about things you need to know when publishing in internet and via social media. Don’t miss this chance to ask all your questions to our experts!

04.11.20 at 1pm | Open Science Services and support at the MLU

Join this webinar to learn what the ULB and the MLU are doing to support the Open Access and Open Science initiatives. Find out more about the publications fund of the MLU which can cover the costs of your open access publications. Take home valuable tips about how to make your research findings visible and where to publish your data sets, reports, secondary publications, scripts, etc. Come and ask your questions, learn more about our services and let us know how we can improve these.

11.11.20 at 1pm | Open Educational Resources

During this final webinar, the Open Educational Resources (OERs) of the MLU will be presented. What are these materials, how can these be used properly, where can you find these, and what legal matters do you need to bear in mind if you create OERs are some of the topics that will be discussed. Get to ask all your OER questions to our expert!

from website of the Open Science Team at the ULB in Saxony-Anhalt.


  • Dr. Susann Özüyaman – Head of the Open Science Team – ULB
  • Melanie Grießer – Open Educational Resources – LLZ
  • Dr. Roberto Cozatl – Research Data Management (Natural Sciences) Open Science Team – ULB
  • Daniel Brenn – Research Data Management (Social Sciences and Humanities) Open Science Team – ULB
  • Markus Wagner – Legal matters in research and teaching – ULB
  • Dr. Axel Kohler (Guest Speaker) – Deputy Managing Director Natural and Life Sciences – GRADE – Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers


This workshop has been realised with financial support from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

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