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Philine Bernau

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15. Mar 2022

Project Management (May 18-19, 2022)

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The main objective of this workshop is to strengthen one’s own attitude towards project management in order to be prepared for the challenges in everyday academic life and outside the university. Contents The focus of this workshop is on planning tools for successful project management. All participants apply their experience and knowledge in practical exercises. […]

15. Mar 2022

The complete job application package in English (April 26, 2022)

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Goal How to find a job in the public / private sector in English – The Complete Package Agenda What are your hard strengths and soft strengths and when are they relevant in the job application process? How can you write a good covering letter? Techniques, theory and practice Here you will have the opportunity […]

7. Mar 2022

English Academic Writing: The Ground Rules of Writing Well (April 21, 22 and 25, 2022)

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This workshop addresses junior scholars from the social sciences, economics, and the humanities who have good command of the English language, seek to improve their English writing skills, and strive to make their academic papers more idiomatic. The workshop seeks to create an awareness of the typical patterns of non-idiomatic writing to which non-native authors […]

3. Mar 2022

[Ref 3.2] Drittmittelförderung mit der Möglichkeit zur Habilitation (7. April 2022 | online)

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Das Referat 3.2 – Personalentwicklung bietet diesen Kurs für die Zielgruppe der Postdocs an. Verschiedene Fördermittelgeber bieten Programme an, die entweder direkt auf die Karriereentwicklung Richtung Habilitation abzielen oder dieses unterstützen können. Sie ermöglichen z.B. die eigenständige Forschung an eigenständige Forschung an eigenen Ideen, Finanzierung für die eigene Stelle (und ein eigenes Team) und sie […]

9. Feb 2022

Research to Business: Patent and Funding Basics (March 17, 2022 | online)

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In this workshop we inform graduates and postdocs about entrepreneurship in science, patents as well as funding. The aim of the workshop is to gain a first insight into the successful transfer of ideas and innovations from research to business. COURSE CONTENT

1. Feb 2022

[Ref 3.2] TK-Mentalstrategien: Gelassen durch die Promotion (März 2022 | online)

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Das Referat 3.2 – Personalentwicklung bietet diesen Kurs für die Zielgruppe der Promovierenden an. Sie haben sich nach Ihrem Studium für eine wissenschaftliche Karriere entschieden? Eine Promotion kann ganz schön herausfordernd sein. Gar nicht so leicht, dabei einen kühlen Kopf zu bewahren.Wenn neben der Promotion noch weitere Faktoren hinzukommen, die den Stress erhöhen, kann sich […]

25. Jan 2022

Successful Networking (March, 8, 10, 2022 | online)

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Learning new communication skills Networking well done is about nurturing relationships authentically around common interests, mutual liking, or simply respect. Yet many professionals find it difficult to do; they object to it and only turn to networking when they absolutely need help. It doesn’t have to be this way. If we do it well, the […]

24. Jan 2022

Introduction to Statistics and R (March, 7, 14, 21, 28, 2022)

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Content R has become a leading statistical programming language in data science and statistics. The R software is free, highly extensible, and allows to easily produce publication-quality plots. The aim of this course is to equip participants with the basic skills to effectively use the software R, embedded in the user interface RStudio. These skills […]

16. Dec 2021

Find a Job in Germany’s Industry – Job Interviews and Contract Conditions (February 02, 09 and 17, 2022 | online)

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Leaving academia and looking for a job in the industry is an important and sometimes difficult step. Understanding the application rules and the expectations of the company enables you to go through a quickly and successful job-search process outside academia. Content Determination of salaries Preparation and phases of interviews Answering trick questions Salary negotiation strategies […]

14. Dec 2021

Good Scientific Practice (February 21, 22, 2022 | online)

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The participants will get an overview about the rules of good scientific practice and the handling with cases of scientific misconduct, and will explore the differences and grey areas of questionable research practice. They will learn about local, national and international regulations and guidelines. It is a goal of the course to create space for reflexions […]

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