Talk by F. Hoffmann at MLU (April 4, 2017)

Competition between Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Forces in the Central Core Region of Amyloid β Fibrils

Amyloidogenic peptides aggregated to large molecular assemblies are a hallmark of several diseases including Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s disease as well as type II diabetes. Although each of these diseases gives rise to a very distinctive clinical picture, amyloid fibrils share the cross-β structure as a common structural motif. Within this motif, the peptide strands are linked via lateral β-sheet-turn-β-sheet structures that result in fiber-like aggregates with diameters of a few nanometers and lengths up to several micrometers.

The central question that will be addressed is how electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions compete within the central core region of Aβ(1-40) fibrils. Continue reading “Talk by F. Hoffmann at MLU (April 4, 2017)”

iRTG Program SoSe 2017 – Overview

Doctoral students seminars

April 4th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Felix Hoffmann on “Competition between Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Forces in the Central Core Region of Amyloid β Fibrils” (abstract)

May 16th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Martha Schulz on “Effects of molecular dynamics on morphology and properties of αc-relaxation” (abstract)

June 13th, at UL (Linnéstr. 5, SR 225):

Torsten John on “Amyloid peptide aggregation near gold interfaces and membranes” (abstract)

July 18th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Mareen Schäfer on “NMR investigations of dynamics in the different phases of semicrystalline polymers” (abstract)

August 15th at UL (Linnéstr. 5, SR 225):

Tobias Thalheim on “Thermophoretic trapping of single molecules ” (abstract)

September 5th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Chanita Sungkapreecha on “Phase behavior of polymer/mosquito repellent system PLA/DEET” (abstract)

 Advanced Training Modules


Soft skill seminars

Supplementary Study

Career workshop: How to write a persuasive job application – how to convince it in the job interview (June 19-20, 2017)

Scientists make a lot of mistakes as soon as they start to apply outside science. This workshop will help you to write a convincing application and to be successful in the job interview.

Continue reading “Career workshop: How to write a persuasive job application – how to convince it in the job interview (June 19-20, 2017)”

NMR spectroscopy for biomolecular and materials characterization (September 6/7, 2017)


This module addresses doctoral students in chemistry, physics, biophysics, and related fields without much prior knowledge in NMR spectroscopy. It introduces the basic theoretical and technical concepts necessary for an understanding of data/spectrum acquisition in pulsed NMR and the information content, and focuses on a few specific experimental techniques to study dynamics in polymer and biopolymer systems.


Each day of the two-day program starts with a series of lectures in the morning, followed by hands-on experiments on low-field NMR spectrometers, and demonstrations on high-field spectrometers, during the afternoon. Continue reading “NMR spectroscopy for biomolecular and materials characterization (September 6/7, 2017)”

Talk by P. Enke at MLU (March 14, 2017)

Effect of Different Crowding Agents on Structure and Dynamics of Unfolded Proteins

The interior of a cell is completely filled with molecules like proteins, lipids, RNA, and more which can act as crowders. The so-called macromolecular crowding plays an important role in the dynamics and the structure of proteins, especially unfolded proteins and polypeptide chains.

To investigate the influence of crowder agents on the dynamics and structure of unfolded polypeptide chains we performed time-resolved ensemble FRET experiments with different sizes of crowders and different unfolded polypeptide chains. Continue reading “Talk by P. Enke at MLU (March 14, 2017)”

Regular lectures MLU – SoSe 2017


Theoretical polymer physics – Paul
[MA Phy]
Mon 11.15-12.45, VDP3 1.04

Spektroskopische Methoden Balbach/Hempel/Miclea/Saalwächter
[BA Phy]
Thu 15.15-16.45, VDP3 1.04

Biochemie – Heilmann/Baginsky
[BA MedPhy]
Mon 16.15-17.45, HW4 HS I (ehem. Phy-HS)

Experimentelle Methoden der Polymerphysik – Beiner
[MA Phy]
Tue 11.15-12.45, VDP1 2.12

Biophysik – Reichert
[MA Phy]
Mon 8.15-11.45, BHS7 214


Physikalische Chemie II – Kreßler
[BA Chem]
Mon 11.15-12.00, Fri 10.15-11.45, HS-Ch TLS 1.01

Physikalische Chemie III – Hinderberger
Mon 13.15-14.45, VDP1 2.12
Wed 16.15-17.45 (fortnightly) VDP1 1.27

Theoretische Chemie – Sebastiani
[BA Chem]
Mon 11.00-12.15, 13.00-14.00, VDP3 1.12


Polymer materials science

Soft Condensed Matter Physics – Saalwächter
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Wed 8.15-9.45, VDP3 1.06
Thu 8.15-9.45, VDP3 1.12/VDP4 1.27

Polymer Testing – Langer
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Fri 9.15-10.45, MER FO 131/3/305

Polymer Characterization – Kreßler/Binder
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Tue 8.15-9.45 VDP1 2.12

Polymer Chemistry – Hinderberger/Haeri
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Mon 8.15-9.45, VSP1 1.26

Introduction to Polymer Physics – Saalwächter/Ott
(basic math. tools needed for polymer physics)
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Tue 10.15-11.00, VDP3 1.04
Wed 10.15-11.45, VSP1 1.26

Polymer Structure and Morphology – Beiner
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Tue 11.15-12.45, VDP1 2.12

Advanced Polymer Synthesis – Binder
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Tue 14.15-15.45, VDP3 1.04

Processing of Polymer Blends and Composits – Michel
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Thu 8.15-9.45, VSP1 1.04

Polymer Analytics – Binder
[MA Polymer Mat. Sci]
Tue 13.15-14.00, VDP4 1.27

Regular lectures UL – SoSe 2017


Receptor Biochemistry – Beck-Sickinger/Mörl
[MA Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
first lecture 03.04. 10.15-11.45 Kl. Hörsaal – Brüderstr. 34

Spectroscopy – Bertmer
[MA Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
Wed 10.15-11.45, R101
Thu 13.15-14.45, R102

Selected Topics of NMR Spectroscopy – Matysik
[MA Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
Fri, 8.15 – 9.45 Uhr, R 101

Supramolekulare Chemie – Kersting
[MA Chem.]
Wed 8.15-9.45, kl. HS

Strukturelle Biochemie – Sträter
[MA Chem.]
Thu 13.30-15.00, HS 1.3 BBZ


Experimental Methods in Biophysics – Mierke
[MA Intern. Phys. Stud Progr.]
Thu 13.30-15.00, Linnestr. 5 SR 224

Biological Physics – Mierke
[MA Intern. Phys. Stud Progr.]
Wed 13.30-15.00, Linnestr. 5 SR 224