Application procedure and requirements

Eligibility criteria

Scientific entrance level for doctoral students

Applicants should have – or are about to obtain – a master degree, diploma or an equivalent degree in Natural Sciences or related fields. In general, students hold a degree in physics, chemistry or bioscience. This includes a written thesis, an written or oral test and two years of advanced course work. Degree certificates from non-german universities will have to be approved by the admissions office. Applicants should have a strong interest in the iRTG research program centered on the topic “Polymers: Random coils and beyond” and in cross-disciplinary projects.

Language skills

Very good command of the English language in reading and writing is mandatory, knowledge of the German language is recommended and helpful, but not mandatory.


Application Procedure

Stage 1 (application):
Please check our open positions and apply according to the given information (referee, required documents)

Stage 2 (review process):
Review of your application. Key points for your consideration as a candidate are academic qualification, research experience and motivation.

Stage 3 (interview):
Candidates with suitable qualifications may be asked to participate in a telephone interview for further evaluation. Conversation with members of the possible research projects. Decision about acceptance.