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Under the Radar?

Usually flying under the radar means someone escapes attention, and many times this is intentional. But sometimes, things seem to slip between the cracks. Events, however, are not just a one-and-done thing in history. They involve people, precursor, they leave their signature in history. They don’t just fall away. But sometimes, the big events surrounding them make them seem less important, less significant in the narrative. And they may not be forgotten, but with time their actual importance gets reduced in peoples mind.

This podcast is an attempt to remedy that, at least a little bit. We’re going to look at big events in world history and try to see beyond the popular narrative. Look a bit more, and see the things that may be overlooked otherwise. Because even though we might not understand all of history altogether, we still should try to look at how all these events came together to create what we remember. And each and every person’s contribution has been important to get there.

The new episode is now available – as announced it will be on the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Find out what topic is often pushed back by listening to our new podcast episode here!