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AccliPhot Training Workshop

04. – 08.05.2015

Hosted by: Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg Germany

General Aims

This 1-week workshop is organised in three modules. In module 1, the participants will learn how mass spectrometers work. By hands-on time on an LTQ Ion-Trap, they will develop a sense for data acquisition, starting with instrument tuning and calibration. Large-scale analysis of doubly charged peptide ions and protein and peptide quantification, including stable isotope labelling techniques such as iTRAQ, will be covered. In module 2, modifications necessary for analysing posttranslational modifications will be discussed, where, in the framework of AccliPhot, an emphasis will be placed on phosphorylation. Module 3 is concerned with data analysis and interpretation. Participants will be sensitised to the risk of false positive peptide identifications. False discovery rates will be calculated to establish a general quality control framework. As an important contribution to this workshop, our associated partner 1, Dirk Walther, will teach bioinformatic analyses methods. All modules are paralleled by literature seminars. Through this workshop, the participants will be prepared to acquire proteomics data, develop experimental designs, acquire a general sense for data quality in high-throughput technologies and critically assess current systems biology literature.


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  1. Dirk says:

    For laboratory activities laboratory coats (please bring along) and gloves (provided by us) are recommended as both safety precaution product protection.

    So, please keep in mind to bring a laboratory coat. For those, who normally do not need lab fashion, we might to provide a very limited number of laboratory coats. Please let us know, if you are in need of a lab clothing.

    • Dipali says:

      Thank you for letting us know about this. I am from modelling background so don’t have a lab coat. Would you please arrange it for me.
      Thank You!

  2. Anja, Stefan, Dirk says:

    For your stay in Halle we recommend using trams, which can get you anywhere at affordable prices.

    At the HAVAG ticket machines, you will need to search WOCHENKARTE (18,60 € for 7 days)

    or, if you have an valid student you may use
    WOCHENKARTE AUSZUBILDENDE (14,90 € for 7 days)

  3. Martina says:

    as you might know or not I’ll join the workshop from the second day, due to working issue. I would still love to have one of my sample analyzed, can I send it in advance, so that you can start working on my material on Monday and I will follow up from the next day? I would like also to have the material for the intro part, so I can take a look while travelling. Thanks

    • Anja, Stefan, Dirk says:

      Dear Martina,
      unfortunately nearly the complete sample preparation has to be done on Monday. For us it is not possible to perform these on site. Maybe you find one of the other fellows, who take care for your sample.

      Up to now, the lecture for Monday isn´t finished, but I think we could send it to you, when it is – otherwise, I´m sure you can get it during the week.

  4. Kailash says:

    Dear Organisers,

    I just want to update that Martina has kindly agreed to prepare samples for me too. As I am working on Arabidopsis as well, I thought it will be interesting to compare results from two different samples.

    So the samples she will send will include her as well as mine and I will prepare both of them on Monday (of course on your watch – as this would be complete new thing for me).

    Also, I will still be traveling without any lab coat, as I don’t have one, so can I ask you to arrange one for me please ! I do not need lab fashion.

    Thank you.

    • Anja, Stefan, Dirk says:

      Hi Kailash,
      it will therefore be 2 samples for you (your own and Martina).

      We’ll try to get lab coat for you.

      Greatly looking forward to see you in Halle!

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