TopicExplorer Release 1.0

We are happy to announce the first release of TopicExplorer 1.0, Japanese Blog-Analysis-Distribution that includes general features for browsing topics and related documents, temporal analysis and topic frames.

General Features

  • Browse topics in serialized order with respect to topic word similarity
  • Represent topics by relevant words
  • Rank documents with respect to relevance to a given topic
  • Show topic assignments of tokens within a document
  • Topics are always referenced by color and tool tips


  • Show number of tokens assigned to a given topic over time
  • Allow comparisons to token time series of other topics and to the average
  • Show relevant words of topics for particular weeks
  • Rank documents of a particular week with respect to relevance to a given topic
  • Toggle rankings between relevance and temporal ordering
  • Download time series data as CSV-Export (Format of CSV still needs to be specified)
  • Show always date and time of documents

Co-locations (Frames)

  • Define a topic specific co-location (frame) as combination of verb and noun tokens both assigned to the particular topic and occurring within 150 tokens in a document and are not interrupted by dots and other syntactic characters. Current list of frame interrupting characters: 。, ?, ?, !, !, .., .., ・・, ..., …, …, ・・・
  • Represent topics by frequent co-locations of verb-noon combinations (frames) and show number of documents contains a particular frame
  • Show total number of frames and unique frames of a particular topic
  • Rank documents containing a certain co-location with respect to relevance to a given topic
  • Show frames within a document
TopicExplorer, general functions
TopicExplorer, general functions
TopicExplorer, Frames
TopicExplorer, Frames
TopicExplorer, Temporal Analysis
TopicExplorer, Temporal Analysis