MAPK signaling couples SCF-mediated degradation of translational regulators to oocyte meiotic progression
Kisielnicka E, Minasaki R, Eckmann CR. (2018) PNAS 115: E2772-E2781

✦  The two RNA-binding proteins, GLD-1 and CPB-3, are substrates of the Erk2 kinase
✦  MAPK phosphorylation generates a degree for the F-box protein SEL-10
✦  An Skp-Cullin1-Fbox E3 ubiquitin ligase complex marks RBPs for protein turnover
✦  Developmentally-induced RBP turnover is important for female germ cell development

Fertility and germline stem cell maintenance under different diets requires nhr-114/HNF4 in C. elegans
Gracida X, Eckmann CR (2013) Curr Biol 23(7):607-13

✦  C. elegans fertility on different diets requires nuclear receptor nhr-114 activity
✦  Somatic NHR-114 is necessary to maintain germline stem cells under different diets
✦  NHR-114 might mediate a detoxification response that preserves the germ line
✦  Bacterial tryptophan metabolites may underlie diet-sensitive nhr-114(-) sterility

Germline P granules are liquid droplets that localize by controlled dissolution/condensation
Brangwynne CP, Eckmann CR,Courson DS, Rybarska A, Hoege C, Gharakhani J, Jülicher F, Hyman AA. (2009) Science 324: 1729-32

✦  P granules do not separate asymmetrically via intracellular movement
✦  P granules are liquid-liquid phase condensates that wet on nuclear envelopes
✦  P granules dissolve into their constituents in the anterior of the 1-cell embryo
✦  P granule condensation is mediated by the posterior polarity complex
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A regulatory cytoplasmic poly(A) polymerase in Caenorhabditis elegans
Wang L, Eckmann CR, Kadyk LC, Wickens M, Kimble J. (2002) Nature 419: 312-6

Structural basis for the activation of the C. elegans noncanonical cytoplasmic poly(A)-polymerase GLD-2 by GLD-3
Nakel K, Bonneau F, Eckmann CR, Conti E. (2015) PNAS 112: 8614-9

✦  GLD-2 is a non-canonical poly(A) polymerase essential for embryogenesis
✦  GLD-3 interacts with GLD-2 to stimulates its enzymatic activity
✦  The first of five KH domains within GLD-3 does not adopt a KH-type fold
✦  GLD-2 stimulation is primarily achieved through stabilising its active center