Lab work

Laboratory work (“Forschungspraktikum”):

Dates and topics should be discussed with Drs. A. Fischer, R. Minasaki, M. Nousch or Prof. C. Eckmann. Contact information

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (“HiWi”)

HiWi work in a Molecular Genetics lab means primarily bench work and some basic experience is required. Hence, we expect students to have successfully completed the basic module of Genetics (Grundpraktikum & Grundvorlesung).
Working as a HiWi will allow you to gain more experience and be better prepared for a Bachelor thesis. To ensure that the topics and the lab environment is a good fit for you, you should come and see for yourself and we need to identify a mentor of yours.
Please contact Drs. A. Fischer or R. Minasaki via mail or come and see them directly in the office for further detailing your interest.

Bachelor and Master thesis projects (“Abschluss-Arbeiten”):

We are open to all students interested in Biology, Biochemistry, and Medicine to conduct a thesis in our lab.
Please contact Prof. Eckmann directly to discuss potential topics.