Below you will find the steps of the application procedure. Please notice, that the application is only possible via the iRTG registration website. Open positions are announced here.

Stage 1 (check our application requirements):

Please check the application requirements first.

Stage 2 (registration):

Please submit your data via the online contact form to the SFB/TRR 102 office for registration. A confirmation email will be sent to you automatically after you have submitted your personal information. Within 48 hours you will receive your login and password to our application portal.

Stage 3 (application):

Log in to the application portal, download and fill out the application form. Finally, please upload the form and additional documents at the application portal. After the check for completeness a confirmation will be sent to you.

Stage 4 (review process / two weeks):

Review of the submitted documents. Applications will be independently reviewed by several members of the committee of the integrated Research Training Group. Key points for your consideration as a candidate are academic qualification, research experience, motivation, scientific background and the letters of recommendation. All applicants will be informed about the status of their application via email.

Stage 5 (telephone interview):

Candidates with suitable qualifications may be asked to participate in a telephone interview for further evaluation.

Stage 6 (personal interview):

Conversation with members of the possible research projects. Decision about acceptance.

Successful applicants will be offered a scholarship.

integrated Reseach Training Group – Polymers: random coils and beyond