Für Schüler*innen

Dear students: welcome to my blog. It doesn´ t matter how you came upon this site (if your teacher shared it with you, or if you stumbled across it in your fascination with „the greatest playwright to ever live“), if you want to learn something about William Shakespeare, you came to the right place!

On this page you will find an interactive presentation that leads you through the most important aspects of what you need to know about Mr. Shakespeare: when did he live? What kind of life did he have? Did he only write boring romances like „Romeo and Juliet“, and, by the way, what the heck does „Wherefort art thou?“ mean? And, the most important question: why do we still bother with him? He’s been dead for more than 400 years, and many great playwright and poets came after him. However, worry not, you will find answers to all your questions-and if there are still questions to be asked after you worked through the tasks and revised with the help of the little quiz (yes, there will be a quiz-yay!), then I trust in you and your ability to utilise the infinity of the internet to find answers yourself.

You can use this presentation alone, with a group or in the classroom: ask your teacher how you are supposed to work with it. However you use it, you will need two to three things: a more or less stable internet connection (yes, I know, hard to have in the „digitaler Standort Deutschland“), a working digital device, and maybe also headphones, for some of your tasks will ask you to watch informational videos.

Once you viewed the first few slides, the presentation will ask you to choose one of your groups/ topics. You can choose the one you are the most interested in. There are:

Shakespeare´ s life

Shakespeare´ s language

Shakespeare´ s literary works and

Shakespeare´ s influence on modern times.

Some of these groups will give you sources in the presentation to work with, others will ask you to find reliable online sources on your own. All your findings should be put on a padlet site, to which you can find a link in the presentation. Your teacher may give you a set time frame to work on the tasks, but everything should be doable in about thirty minutes. Afterwards, you can present your findings with the help of the Padlet site. And then, finally, a quiz (*applause*)!

At the end, there´ s a link to a feedback site, where I would like to know how you liked to work with this site, the presentation, and the selected sources. Please be honest!

And now, without further ado (hah, so Shakespeare, am I right?),

have a jolly good time!