Talks and Lectures

„‘The Song of the Shirt’: Romantic Poetry and Southern Women’s Intertextual Strategies of Coping with War” (Dept. of English, IIS, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India; 22. Juni, 2021).

„Racist Feminism(s): White Southern Women’s Post-Civil War Commemoration and Emancipation Strategies.” (Fourth Biennial EAAS Women’s Network Symposium. Feminisms in American Studies in/and Crisis: Where Do We Go from Here?, 28.–29. April 2021).

„U.S. Anti-Intellektualismus im 19. Jahrhundert: Ein Privileg weißer Männer?“ Anti- /Intellektualismus in der U.S.-amerikanischen Geschichte (Europa-Universität Flensburg, 26.–27. Feb. 2021).

„Separate Spheres Ideology, Education Debate and Conjugal Bliss in Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Anna’s Whim,’“ Love and Misfits in the Fiction of Louisa May Alcott. 13th meeting of the European Study Group of 19th-Century American Literature. (Rome, Centro Studi Americani, 10.–11. Okt. 2019).

„Relational Selves and Fictional Worlds: Self-fashioning in White  Southern U.S. Women’s Civil War Diaries.“ (Lives in Transition:  Negotiating the Currents in a Changing World. The 4th Biennial  Conference of the IABA Americas Chapter, University of the West Indies at Mona, Kingston, Jamaika, 12.–15. Juni 2019).

„Southern Belles and English Poets: Intertextual Self-Fashioning in Southern Women’s Civil War Diaries.“ (University Fribourg, 5. März 2019).

“Das Paradies der Irren: Jamaika und Film der 1990er Jahre.” (Ringvorlesung: Karibik: Konfliktualität und Relation, Halle, 27. Juni 2018).

“Transatlantic Anti-Heroines and Woman Warriors.” (Transatlantic Women 3: Women of the Green Atlantic,  Dublin, 24.–26. Juni 2018).

“The Literary Politics of Southern Women’s Civil War Diaries.” (Women and  U. S. Politics. A Symposium in Honor of Hans-Jürgen Grabbe, Wittenberg,  25.–27. Sept. 2017).

„The Relational Selves of Mary Russell Mitford and Rebecca Harding Davis: A Transatlantic Tradition of Women’s Life Writing.” (Border Crossings: Translation, Migration, & Gender in the Americas, the Transatlantic, & the Transpacific; Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, 5.–8. Juli 2017).

“Clairvoyance and Mesmerism in American Detective Fiction by Metta  Fuller Victor and Anna Katharine Green.” (European Study Group of  Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Erfurt, 3.–4. Sept. 2015).

“Die  Southern Belle im Film Gone with the Wind.” (“150 Jahre Ende des  amerikanischen Bürgerkriegs,” Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut  Saarbrücken, 1. Okt. 2015).

“From Southern Belle to New Southern Woman:  Plantation Fiction and Female Identity.” (“American Literature to 1865,”  Penn State Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA, 3. Nov. 2015).

“Transnational  Liminal Spaces: The Construction of Womanhood in the Long 19th Century.”  (Sektionsleitung: “Society for the Study of American Women Writers 2015  Conference,” Philadelphia, USA, 4.–8. Nov. 2015).

“Intertextuality and  Identity Formation in Southern Women’s Personal Civil War Narratives.”  (“Society for the Study of American Women Writers 2015 Conference,”  Philadelphia, USA, 4.–8. Nov. 2015).

“The New Woman in Short Fiction.”  (together with Laura S. Rommelfanger, Workshop, “Current Issues in the  EFL-Classroom,” Wittenberg, 28. Nov. 2015).

“The Quest for ‚Citizenship‘: Southern Women’s (Personal) Narratives of the American Civil War, 1861–1939.” (Guest Lecture, TU Dresden, 24. April 2014.)

“Southern Women as Plantation Space: Plantation Fiction and the Southern Belle.” (Guest Lecture, University of Jena, 14. Mai 2014).

“Erleben – Erinnern – Erschreiben: Kognitiv-narratologische Muster der Erinnerung in Bürgerkriegserzählungen US-amerikanischer Südstaatenfrauen.” (Lecture Series “Kognitive Ansätze in der Literaturwissenschaft,” RWTH Aachen, 27. Juni 2014).

“From Southern Belle to New Southern Woman: Plantation Fiction and Female Identity.” (Guest Lecture, University of Mannheim, 14. November 2014).

“Religion, Mormons and Popular Culture in the EFL-classroom.” (Workshop, Teacher Training “Current Issues in the EFL-Classroom,” Lutherstadt Wittenberg, 28. November 2014).

„Byronic Heroines and Darwinian Types: Southern Women’s (Post-)bellum Identity Construction.“ (Traveling Traditions: Nineteenth-Century Negotiations of Cultural Concepts in Transatlantic Intellectual Networks, Halle (Saale), 17.–19. April 2014).

„Transatlantic Negotiations of the Female Bildungsroman: Mary Johnston’s Hagar (1913) and the New ‚Global‘ Woman.“ (Intercontinental Crosscurrents: Women’s (Net-)works across Europe and the Americas (1776-1939), Wittenberg, 5.–7. Dezember 2013).

„The Quest for Citizenship: Southern Women’s Narratives of the American Civil War 1961-1939.“ (3. Landesweiter Tag der Genderforschung in Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle (Saale), 12. Nov. 2013).

„‚Rebel in Heart and Soul:‘ The Adaptation of Past Selves in Southern Women’s Civil War Narratives.“ (Disturbing Adaptations; The 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Adaptation Studies, Växjö, Schweden, 26.–27. Sept. 2013).

„Remembering the Civil War: Southern American Women Diarists and Their Editors.“ (Inaugural What’s Up Down South Talk featuring Julia Nitz, 19. März 2013, Center for the Study of the American South, Chapel Hill, NC, USA).

„The Plantation as a Discursive Space of Empowerment and Suppression in the Post-Bellum South.“ (60th Annual Convention of the German Association for American Studies, Erlangen, 30. Mai–2. Juni 2013).

„Cultural Adaptation of Nineteenth-Century Photographs of Blacks in Civil War Discourse.“ (Visual Histories of the United States, Jahrestagung der Historiker in der DgfA, Tutzing, 8.–10. Februar 2013).

„The Female Gaze: Women Diarists and Chroniclers of the American Civil War.“ (Workshop zur 59. Annual Conference of the German Association for American Studies, Mainz, 31. Mai–3. Juni 2012).

The White Castle of Louisiana: A ‚Sentimental‘ Memoir.“ (Narrative Matters Conference, Paris, 29. Mai–1. Juni 1 2012).

„Photographic Narratives in Ken Burns’s The Civil War.“ (Adapting Historical Narratives, De Montfort University Leicester, 28. Feb. 2012).

„The Amazon Phenomenon: New Contextual Paratexts of Historiographic Narratives.“ (MLA Annual Convention, Los Angeles, 6.–9. Januar 2011).

„Historio(bio)graphy and the narrative concept.“ (The Travelling Concept of Narrative II International and Interdisciplinary Symposium, London, 11.–13. November 2010).

„Reading the mind of Lo: Kubrick’s and Lyne’s Lolita.“ (25th Annual Conference of the International Society of the Study of Narrative, Cleveland, 7.–11. April 2010).

„George III at the Queen’s Gallery.“ (Museum Narratives: Annual Conference on Literature and Culture, Salzburg, 5.–8. November 2009).

„Reading the mind of Lo: Kubrick’s and Lyne’s Lolita.“ (4th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference, London, 24.–25. September 2009).

„Internal Worlds in Swift’s and Schepisi’s Last Orders.“ (Third Annual Association of Literature on Screen Conference, Amsterdam, 24.–26. September 2008).

„From Staged History to Cultural Memory.“ (Cultures of Translation: Adaptation in Film and Performance, Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Glamorgan, Cardiff, 26.–28. Juni 2008).

„A ‚Natural‘ Reading of Historiographical Texts: George III at Kew.“ (Inaugural Symposium: Narratology in the Age of Interdisciplinary Narrative Research, Wuppertal, 25.–26. Juni 2007).

„‚Imagined King‘ – George III in Today’s British Media.“ (Poster presentation at the ESF-LiU Conference Literature for Europe: European Identities and European Literature in a Globalizing World, Vadstena, Sweden, 12.–16. Mai 2007).