In my teaching, I draw primarily on methods from media studies, as well as from literary studies and linguistics. With my students, I generally consider the interdependence of cultural phenomena and their historical backgrounds. In addition to linking history, cultural studies and literary studies on a content-level, on a didactic level I design my teaching to be specifically task- and learner-oriented.

Another focus of my teaching concept is on knowledge transfer. Among other things, I integrate popular science forms of knowledge transfer such as podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and Wikipedia into course and examination work.

In addition to digital approaches, however, my seminars also continue to use classic methods based on paper, pin boards and moderation cards, as well as discussion and dialogue. Ultimately, I rely on a methodological mix that puts a clear focus on contents and analytical skills.

Currently Teaching

  • Early Film and Empire
  • The History of British and American Film/British and American Film and History
  • Crash Course Visual Language
  • Research Colloquium: Connecting Cross-Cultural Theories and Concepts
  • Research Colloquium: Anglo-American Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Introduction to the Study of Anglo-American Cultural Studies

American Studies

  • Plantation Fiction
  • The American Civil War Collective Trauma and Personal Experiences Women and U.S. Politics
  • The New South in History and Popular Culture (1865–1915)
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Cultural Diplomacy in the 21st Century
  • Representation of the Nation and the “Other” in Early American Film (1895–1936)
  • The American Civil War Revisited

Postcolonial Studies

  • Cultural Encounters in the Anglophone Caribbean
  • Imperialist Rhetoric in Contemporary Anglophone Visual Culture
  • “The Empire Shoots Back”: Anglophone Caribbean Cinema
  • “Sea, Sex, and Sun”: Filmic Depictions of Jamaica

English Literary and Cultural Studies

  • Politics and Gender in Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • Current Issues in British Politics and Culture
  • “Power without Responsibility:” The History of the British Press
  • The British Monarchy and Spaces of Cultural Identity Formation
  • The Kings and Queens of Britain and Cultural Memory

Cross-Cultural Studies

  • The New Woman—A Transnational Phenomenon 1890s–1930s
  • National Heroines in British and American Film
  • Cross-Cultural Adaptations
  • Women’s Autobiographical Writing – A Transcultural Approach
  • The History of British and American Film
  • Introduction to Film Analysis, Performance and Iconography
  • The Fiction of Ian McEwan
  • New Approaches to Narrative Theory

Advanced Seminars

  • Current Issues in the EFL-Classroom
  • Teaching Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Age (Co-Teaching with Prof. Dr. Sabine Volk-Birke)
  • King Lear and Tristram Shandy: Enlightenment Novel and Narrative Experiment (Co-Teaching with Prof. Dr. Sabine Volk-Birke)