CryoUNITe – Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility

The aim of the Core Facility for Electron Microscopy(cryoUNITe) is to offer services in the field of cryo-electron microscopy to the research laboratories and application areas of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, as well as to the entire state of Saxony-Anhalt. Services to external users are also offered.

The cryoUNITe offers two cryo-transmission electron microscopes for morphological investigations up to high-resolution structure elucidation. We advise users on project planning and execution (sample preparation, vitrification and visualization) as well as on the analysis of the collected data. To this end, we measure the users’ samples and recommend their presence to experience sample preparation, imaging and analysis on site.

For more information, please send emails to the following Facility members:

Herr Jun.-Prof. Dr. Panagiotis L. Kastritis, Facility head

Herr Dr. Farzad Hamdi, EM Engineer

Frau PD Dr. Annette Meister, EM Applications Specialist

The Nutzerordnung (user regulations, in German) can be downloaded from here: