Dr.  Maria Ott


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Current Group Members

PhD Students

Jana Wägele


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Jana Wägele studied physics in Bonn, Uppsala and Halle (Saale) specializing in polymer physics and biophysics. She is interested in amyloid aggregation, nucleation mechanisms and thermostability of protein aggregates and experienced in single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, liquid fast scanning calorimetry and atomic force microscopy. Currently she is investigating the formation of amyloid-β-peptide oligomers, which play a central role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Mohammad Fahimi


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Mohammad Fahimi studied solid state physics and nano biophysics. Fluorescence spectroscopy, photo-physics and organic electronics are his research interests. Currently he is working on aggregate formation of conjugated polymers in solutions. Conformations of polymer chains in solution pior to thin film preparation play an essential role in performance of organic devices like OFET and solar cells. Tuning the order of polymer chains, it is possible to reach to higher charge carrier mobility and better performance.

Luca Lauth


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Luca Lauth studied biology in Mainz with a focus on structural investigations of proteins. As a member of the GRK 2467 he is currently working on intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) and is especially interested in elucidating their conformational behaviour in presence of molecular crowders to mimick the cellular environment. Mainly employed techniques are single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy methods and small x-ray scattering (SAXS).

Twinkle Bhatia


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Twinkle Bhatia is specialized in organic synthesis during M.Sc. chemistry from India. She worked
as a research engineer in sensor lab of IMT-Lille, France for early detection of biomarkers of lung cancer in exhaled breath through polymer based sensor.  Her scientific interests include polymer chemistry, biochemistry and sensor technology.  Her research project addresses the  parathyroid hormone in order to understand the mechanism of amyloid aggregation in complex environment using characterization techniques such as single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy methods and small-angle x- ray scattering (SAXS).

Master Students

Max Hoffmann


Former Group Members

  Dr.  Silvia De Sio

Silvia De Sio studied physics with a master in colloidal physics and a phD in bio-physics.
Colloidal systems, fundamental forces acting in bio-colloidal systems and bio-physics of proteins are her research interests.
Currently she is working with single molecule fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with the aim to study dynamics and conformation of various protein systems while tackling structure formation by a combined approach involving X-ray scattering as well as circular dichroism.
Early aggregation of functional and mis-functional amyloidogenic proteins and the eventual effects due to crowding and confinement on the conformations of various intrinsically disordered proteins are currently her major topics.

M. Sc. Tobias Kaffka

Science between polymers and biophysics