Mental Health Awareness Days for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers

From 1-3 November, the Mental Health Awareness Days will take place, an event organised by the universities of Halle, Jena and Leipzig together with the research institutions iDiv and Helmholtz.
Short workshops in online format will focus on topics such as resilience, positive psychology, the risk of addictive behavior and mindfulness.The main goal of the event is to inform and raise awareness on how to deal with stressful situations in everyday research. The majority of the workshops will be conducted in English.The main target groups are doctoral students and postdocs. Supervisors are also very welcome.

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Once again: MLU on your bike – for the “Stadtradeln”

After the overwhelming success of our participation in the Academic Bicycle Challenge in June – 142,428 kilometres travelled together by a total of 634 registered participants from MLU – we are pleased to announce another exciting cycling campaign: the “Stadtradeln”!
This year, for the first time, MLU is providing a team for which you can register as an individual or as a sub-team. For 21 days, starting on 4 September 2023, the aim is to cover as many everyday journeys as possible by bicycle.

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Do I say it or not? – Chronically sick at work

If you struggle frequently with migraines, suffer from an autoimmune disease or another chronic illness or impairment, you may be absent from work due to illness more often than others. Or you may have the same job performance as others, but find it much harder to perform at the same level or work under the same conditions. Or maybe you are not aware that you have a chronic illness or what is considered a “chronic illness”? Perhaps you are worried about what colleagues and superiors might think and whether your health impairment has negative consequences for your work activity.

MLU positions itself as an employer that can and wants to adapt to individual concerns. In this article, we want which services are offered by MLU and how MLU can support you. The article is intended to support you in making an informed decision as to whether you would like to disclose your health impairment to your employer and to show you where suitable contact persons and consulting partners are available.

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