In June and July 2021, the employee survey on the topic of “Working conditions and health” took place at MLU.

We asked you about your work situation, e.g. work content, work environment, work organisation and also about topics such as collegial cooperation and leadership behaviour. In addition, their effects on, for example, your job satisfaction and your physical and mental state of health played a role.

We had announced that we would present the results of this survey in autumn this year. Now the time has come. We would like to discuss the results with you.

We are aware that the structural discussion currently has priority. The results of our survey show that there is an urgent need for action which, in our view, should be taken into account. Even if you are not able to deal with these needs for action acutely in your areas for reasons of resources, we would like to talk to you about them so that you can also consider these topics in the long term. We will already start to work on the needs for action in BGM and would like to be able to include your suggestions for this.

Therefore, in the first step we plan dates for results presentations for the different target groups of the survey. This means that we want to present the results that are relevant for your target group. Irrespective of this, you are cordially invited to come to the dates for other target groups and also to learn about these results and to join in the discussion.

We offer the following dates for this purpose:


Thurs., 02.12.21, 10:00-11:30 online
Thurs., 16.12.21, 13:30-15:00 online

Employees in technology and administration:

Mon, 29.11.21, 13:00-14:30 online
Mon, 20.12.21, 13:00-14:30 online

You will receive the dial-in links by e-mail. The presentations will be in German.

A member of the university management will be present at each of these meetings.

Following these meetings, we will also discuss with the help of your feedback in the health working group how we can meet the needs for action that became clear through the survey. There will be topics for which it makes sense and is helpful to go into the work areas, have more in-depth discussions and derive suitable solutions. For other topics, BGM measures can certainly be offered centrally and other topics will probably have to be handed over to other committees.

Take advantage of the opportunity. Take part in a presentation for your target group. Learn about the detailed results of the survey and discuss them with us! Feel free to bring colleagues with you.

Registration is not required.

Results of the employee survey “Working conditions and health”

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