Congratulations to Dmitry – Awarded accommodation fellowship for cryo-EM course

Besides relion, which we currently use for image processing, scipion is another software to analyze images and reconstruct electron density maps and/or calculate cryo-EM models. We would like to explore cryo-EM image processing with scipion, as it is a software package including various cryo-em image processing software via a visual, integration platform.

Dmitry has applied and was awarded an accommodation grant for the cryo-EM course  Instruct EM Image processing and hybrid modelling course  in Madrid, Spain, held from 8th to 11th July.

The course will teach how to use Scipion for image processing of EM images and construction of hybrid models (EM+atomic maps). He will be bringing our data for testing :-). More information on the Instruct initiative, you can find here, whereas details of the course can be found here.


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