Jaydeep Belapure, a previous Thermo Fisher Senior Scientist joins our lab for amazing machine learning in cryoEM images!

Jaydeep Belapure, Ph.D. in physics from TUM joins our lab as a postdoc in the CORONAmem grant that we acquired recently. Another addition in the multicultural environment of the lab is welcome, raising the different nationalities to 6!
We are going to analyze coronavirus-related protein complexes, cryo-em micrographs of virus proteins and their receptor, and overall produce methods not only for this pandemic, but also tools for possible future pandemics.

Welcome, Jaydeep!

To get to know Jaydeep, contact him in his lab email (People tab) or visit his website which is deals with him introducing himself, machine-learning tools he is developing, and other cool computer-related applications!

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