Organizing an EMBO workshop on the recent advances in structural biology of membrane proteins (and winning another poster prize in the process)!

It turns out that, as Panos found out, organizing an EMBO workshop is hard, but highly rewarding work! Along with Sandro Keller (who is also a close collaborator of our group), Christian Löw and Christina Paulino, our Group Leader Panos organized an EMBO workshop on the “Recent advances in structural biology of membrane proteins“, showcasing the latest techniques and important research in the field, from (among others) membrane protein expression, to lipid layer biophysics, and (of course) Cryo-EM and computational analysis of membrane proteins!

There were many stimulating talks from field leaders, such as the ones given by Brian Kobilka, Christine Ziegler, Ori Avinoam, Tamir Gonen, and Anne-Claude Gavin, informing the audience about critical advances and key topics in the field.

There was also a lot of discussion on how the field needs to move to more “native” research, a topic on which our lab is very intimate with and we are very happy that we can contribute actively with our insight and results!

The workshop also included poster presentations and our lab was represented by Dmitry and Kevin (you can find their info in the People tab), who presented our own research on the workshop topic, more specifically about photosynthetic membrane complexes (Dmitry) and nanodisc applications for membrane proteins of native cell extracts (Kevin)! There was a lot of hype for our posters, especially Kevin‘s, which brought back the 1st place poster prize once again! Congrats to Kevin for making this 2 out of 2 recent conferences that our research won the poster prize!

If you are a fan of membrane protein research, cryo-EM and native cell extracts be sure to send us a mail, we would be glad to talk to you about our work!

Here you can see Kevin’s poster (1st prize winner):


Also you can follow him on Twitter:

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