Lab Christmas Party 2021

Just before we get a well-earned break for the holidays, we decided to organize a small get-together to eat, drink, talk and also celebrate our achievements for 2021!

It was a very busy but highly successful year for our lab, with a lot of publications, conference presentations, posters, important research, new people joining, and in general a lot of highlights that we are thankful for! If you take a look in this year’s previous posts, you can see some of them.

We brought snacks, drinks, put on some festive music and Lisa prepared the Feuerzangenbowle!

Here is Lisa watching for spillovers, ideally we didn’t want to set fire to the place!

Another year is coming to a close for the Kastritis lab and we are gearing up for another successful year in 2022! See you soon with more amazing science, and a lot of results from our research on native cell extracts! Stay frosty (yeah, cryo-EM pun)!

From the left and going around the table: Annette, Kevin, Jaydeep, Yiannis, Paola, Marija, Lisa, Farzad, Christian, Dmitry, Panos, Fotis. Happy Holidays and Frohes Neues Jar from all!

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