Sometimes self-care is not enough to stay healthy and balanced. If you need help from others, please don’t hesitate to ask for it:

Social and conflict counseling for MLU employees

Emergency numbers (most in German, some may speak English):

Telefonseelsorge (crisis line): 0800 111 0 -111 / -222

Elterntelefon (crisis line for parents): 0800 111 0 550

Nummer gegen Kummer für Kinder & Jugendliche (crisis line for children and young people): 116 111

Häusliche Gewalt gegen Frauen (domestic violence against women): 0800 116 016

Häusliche Gewalt gegen Männer (domestic violence against men): 0800123 99 00

Deutsche Depressionshilfe (German depression aid): 0800 33 44 533

Corona-Verdacht (corona hotline): 116 117

More helpful websites:

Help for adults with worries about corona

Help with sleeping difficulties

Helping offers

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