A respiratory unit visualized by cryo-EM! Our collaboration is published in PNAS

We are happy to inform you that we collaborated with the MPI in Magdeburg, a work led by Dr.-Ing. Ivan Ivanov, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Sundmacher, and Dr. Rumiana Dimova. We have acquired cryo-EM data for a designed respiratory chain. We were able to visualize the transmembrane protein bo3 oxidase inside synthetic membranes, which is essential for successful and targeted engineering of respiration and similar membrane systems. In addition, we were able to characterize membrane properties of a variety of artificially designed membrane polymers. Our Glacios proves to be not only essential for getting protein structures, but also important for studying physical chemical systems, designed from the bottom-up. Well done to all the authors, and we are really confident that putting the Glacios to such tests will provide unprecedented details in the structure of artificially-designed functional membrane-protein interactions!
Publication can be found online here and pdf can be downloaded from here.

bo3 oxidase in lipid vesicles (on the left, red cycle), hybrid vesicles (middle image) and inside polymer (on the right). Scale bar: 50 nm. Image from PNAS (Figure 8), found here.

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