Cryo-EM combined with AI to advance our understanding of native cell extracts!

We welcome 2022 with our latest publication on Structure, on how the latest advances in AI-driven protein model prediction can help us in the interpretation of complex cryo-EM data from native cell extracts!

We are very excited about the impact of this work, as it is a prime example of how structural biologists can employ advanced AI tools to interpret their data, and how they can avoid any pitfalls during the process.

This work also was the result of a very fruitful collaboration with Grzegorz Chojnowski of EMBL Hamburg, the creator of the findMySequence algorithm as well as one of the main developpers of Arp/Warp!

You can read our publication here:
Cryo-EM and artificial intelligence visualize endogenous protein community members

6 Replies to “Cryo-EM combined with AI to advance our understanding of native cell extracts!”

  1. The article on the combination of cryo-EM (cryo-electron microscopy) with AI to advance our understanding of native cell extracts is a testament to the power of technology in scientific research. This innovative approach not only sheds light on the inner workings of cells but also showcases the potential for AI to enhance our understanding of complex biological processes. Thank you for sharing this exciting glimpse into the future of cell biology and microscopy.

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  5. The post highlights an exciting application of AI in scientific research – using deep learning to analyze cryo-EM data from cell extracts. As conversational systems like ChatGPT also rapidly advance, integrating AI more deeply into scientific workflows could further accelerate discoveries. However, maintaining rigorous human oversight will be key to ensuring robust, unbiased results. AI-enabled techniques have immense potential to unlock new insights, but transparent, ethical development processes are crucial. Overall, the thoughtful use of AI demonstrated here is inspiring.

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