RTG-2467 Retreat

Marija, Lisa, Yiannis and Toni attended the Annual RTG retreat on disordered proteins, where they presented their latest results!

There were a lot of amazing presentation by all student members, poster sessions, board games and fun!

All of the RTG students!
Panos presents the importance of our research on the investigation of protein disorder!
Toni at the podium.
Marija at the podium
Yiannis at the podium
Marija, Panos and Lisa posing for the camera!

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  1. It looks like the RTG2467 research group had an informative and fun retreat! As a fellow researcher, I always appreciate opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm with colleagues in an informal setting outside the lab. The wide range of interesting presentations highlighted here showcase the diversity of expertise within the group. And I love seeing events like this that build camaraderie through group activities and social time. Research can sometimes feel isolating, so retreats like this are so valuable for bringing teams together. Great to see a collaborative spirit and exchange of ideas!

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