The Kastritis Lab takes a trip to EMBL Heidelberg for the in situ structural biology workshop!

Christian, Kevin and Yiannis attended the EMBO Workshop on “In situ structural biology: from cryo-EM to multi-scale modelling“!

Kevin gave an amazing talk on how nanodisc technology can be employed in the study of native membrane proteins. A lot of the attendees were very interested in the topic so there was a great follow-up discussion!

Christian and Yiannis presented posters and flash talks of their work as well!

All in all, it was an exciting conference, full of inspiring discussions on how structural biology can approach the cellular environment and its biomolecules in situ!

Kevin shows our advancements in nanodisc technology for the study of native membrane proteins!
We visited the Imaging Center of EMBL Heidelberg and touched a Krios for good luck with our data collection.
Yiannis at his poster, a lot of people visited and were excited to listen to our lab’s latest results on native cell extract research and the OGDHc!

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