Toni at EMBO Integrative Structural Biology Workshop 2022

We were very happy that Toni Träger, our newest Ph.D. student was selected to attend the EMBO Practical Course on integrative structural biology, which took place at EMBL Hamburg!

Over the course of a week, he was immersed in various structural biology techniques, such as X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, small-angle X-ray scattering, NMR, and structural mass spectrometry. He learned how to analyze and interpet data from various types of structural biology experiments, but also how to integrate them in order to model complex structures at different scales.

All this knowledge will be extremely useful when applied to our lab’s vision, the elucidation of macromolecular assemblies derived from cell extracts!

Toni on the right, along with Prof. Andrea Sinz and the rest of the attending students!

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