Since Sept 18th 2008 the ERZ is sited in the eastern and southern wings of the cathedral‘s enclosure in Merseburg, Germany. For Merseburg used to play an important role during the Ottonian rule (10th century), the cathedral and castle itself is one of the most prominent stops of the ‚Romanesque Road’.

The city of Merseburg, the state of Saxony-Anhalt as well as the European Union and other donators managed to revive the southern wing of the cathedral enclosure in Merseburg for scientific and educational purpose. Sharing similar aims, the “Vereinigten Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg und des Kollegiatstifts Zeitz“ supported the ERZ restoring its new residence.

The facilities offer enough space for workstations, a lecture hall, seminar rooms, a steadily growing library as well as accommodation for fellowship holders and guest researchers.


Grundriss des Mersburger Doms mit Kreuzgang