Our paper on the 2.7 Å structure of apoferritin with the Glacios and the Falcon 3EC is available as a preprint!

Our paper is available as a pre-print in Biorxiv (https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/738724v1). In this work, we have determined the atomic structure of mouse apoferritin using the Glacios microscope. Its difference comparedd to other 200 keV microscope is its compact design, allowing the placement of the microscope in smaller rooms, its lowered height of the Tecnai column, and its unique detector Falcon 3EC. With the Falcon, this is the best apoferritin structure at 200 keV, without an energy filter, and the first structure breaking the 2.8 Å threshold in 200 kV, using the Falcon 3EC. Congratulations to the whole laboratory for this nice structure with our cryo-EM setup!

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