Time and Self-Management – follow up (postponed to Fall 2018)

Time-management is not something just theoretical: understanding the principles it is essential but the application to day by day life is what really matters. Therefore, this course is divided in two workshops separated by roughly a month. During the time in between you have the opportunity to try the techniques and principles you learned in the first workshop. In same cases it is just about observing your processes and behaviors with a new understanding. During the second workshop we will build upon your observations and experiences: we will reflect on them, adapt and expand your strategies. The second day gives your “time- and self-management development project” impulse so that you can continue working on it on your own.

The workshop is divided into a one-day initial workshop on May 28 and a follow-up workshop in Fall 2018.

Target audience

Doctoral students and postdocs

Terms and Applications

Date: Fall 2018
Time: 9:00-17:00
Group size: maximal 12
Workshop language: English


to be announced


Dr. María Machón


Membership status
iRTG memberiGS Functional Polymersexternal

Please contact sfb-trr-102-office@physik.uni-halle.de in case of questions.

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