[BEAM] Fake news (February 23, 2023)

In view of rampant populism, as many people as possible should be able to deal confidently with fakes in everyday life, especially in direct conversation. Perhaps even to defend themselves against them without constantly being at odds with family, neighbors and friends. Because fake news is not something new, but old lies in a new guise. Content/Objectives: During the event, participants will be shown how to identify so-called “fake news” and develop strategies to counter them in an objective manner.

Please register by sending an email to: imme.sakwa-waltz@chemie.uni-halle.de

Trainer: Dr. Thorben Prenzel

[BEAM] Conflict management (February 15, 2023)

In our trainings, participants learn to stand up to emotional attacks in high-conflict conversations. How can they respond to critical, confrontational or provocative questions? How can they deal with their own feelings and those of the other person? And what can they do when a conversation threatens to derail? Tried-and-tested communication techniques, which participants practice in role plays, can help here. In addition, the workshop offers time to reflect on possible solutions to existing conflicts together with the other participants.

venue: VSP 1, room 0.04 time: tbd Please register by sending an email to: imme.sakwa-waltz@chemie.uni-halle.de

Trainer: Monika Wimmer

MATLAB Fundamentals (June 27-28, 2022)

MATLAB is a programming language and numeric computing environment that is commonly used by scientists for data analysis, modeling, and programming. This 2-days online course will teach you the fundamentals of MATLAB; examples and exercises are built into the material and hands-on time will be provided throughout the training to illustrate concepts and provide practice time.

Date: June 27+28, 2022 (9.00-17.00)
Location: Online workhop
Group size: 15

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