Doctoral students seminar (July 7, 2022)

Torsten John will give a summary of his PhD project Amyloid peptides near biologically relevant interfaces (project B01 of our SFB) and share his experiences from the Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting that he attended the week before.

hybrid seminar: 0.04 at VSP1 (Halle) + zoom
date: July 7, 15.00

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Doctoral Students Seminar (December 9, 2021): GSP-booster

We will use our December-seminar to refresh our knowledge about Good Scientific Practice! During this short and interactive workshop, we will discuss questionable conduct of research in small groups.

date: December 9, 2021 (15.00-16.30)
online workshop via zoom
lecturer: Dr. Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz (certified GSP-trainer)

Doctoral Students Seminar (November 16, 2021)

Force-induced α-β transitions in coiled coil structures
by Anna-Maria Tsirigoni


Effects of topological constraints in polymer melts on crystallization and structure formation
by Tonghua Liu

date: November 16, 15.00
hybrid seminar: Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, room 5.09 + zoom
chair: Stephan

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Doctoral Students Seminar (October 19, 2021)

Interactions of single polymer chains and Amyloid fibrils in a thermophoretic trap
by Stephan Sydow


Ion Soft-landing: Introduction in Preparative Mass Spectrometry to Generate Polymers
by Sebastian Kawa

date: October 19, 15.00
hybrid seminar: Open Space wunderbar (Gießerstr. 18, Leipzig-Plagwitz) + zoom
chair: Marthinus

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